Use of proprietary algorithm developed in exclusive partnership with Watson+ Holmes.

1. Prioritise the quality of the investments and the potential capital gains.

2. PREVest invests in quality residential buildings, which on the one hand allows us to generate a stable and recurrent income while on the other hand generating capital gains based on the indirect value appreciation. Each building is subject to strict commercial, technical, legal and fiscal due diligence examinations. The buildings are also regularly evaluated, taking into account their intrinsic characteristics as to location, accessibility, immediate surroundings and energy performance.​

3. Each investment is done carefully in assessing the location of the properties in order to form a sound view on overall value appreciation. We assess surrounding neighborhoods, announced development plans, demographic evolution, local business trends, as well as supply and demand of the local residential property market. We carefully assess the purchase price in relation to other objects and reference transactions.

4. In terms of geographical diversification and focus, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague are key locations, but also their surrounding suburbs.


The strict investment criteria:

  • A gross initial yield meeting PREVest’s hurdle with attractive value development potential;
  • Minimum investment size (leveraged) of EUR 100,000 per property;
  • Diversified portfolio: Max 10% per project of overall fund size;
  • Liquidity both with regard to the rental market in a specific city and with regard to the possibility of block or split sales in the future;
  • The location limited to the Netherlands; Priority is given to: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and economically attached surrounding areas;
  • The intrinsic technical and commercial quality of the project (no risk of structural vacancy);
  • Use of proprietary algorithms developed in exclusive partnership with Watson+ Holmes;
  • Architectural quality, the sustainability of concept and applied materials in order to also assess the attractiveness for the tenant and overall pricing potential.

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