Are you looking to invest in residential real estate in The Netherlands, however lack network, time to manage your investments on a daily basis, or prefer to completely outsource?

We offer a unique investment vehicle for investors, whether private individuals or institutions, participation is feasible starting from EUR 500,000.


Compared to a direct investment in residential buildings, investing in PREVest fund has several advantages:

  • Team-up with a winner with an excellent proposition to generate superior returns;
  • Free use of Watson and Holmes algoritme;
  • We have a strong network which is of clear value in the sourcing and identification of investment opportunities;
  • Free of constraints / no operational involvement or management time required yet do directly invest in attractive residential real estate with strong direct and indirect (anticipated) returns;
  • The investment team co-invests in the portfolio in order to show commitment;
  • Receive periodic dividends;

Are you interested in investing in our fund?

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